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  • Spring in Bregaglia
    Spring in Bregaglia Photo: Nicole Cantini, Bregaglia Engadin Turismo

Bregaglia Engadin

Is there anything more beautiful than spending your vacation in the Alps? Bregaglia is one of the most stunning and unspoiled regions of Switzerland and offers a variety of activities to keep you busy during your stay. Whether you want to go hiking, biking, or just enjoy the incredible scenery, you will find everything you need in Bregaglia for an unforgettable spring vacation. So what are you waiting for? Start booking your trip today!

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Attractions in Bregaglia Engadin


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Guided Tour · Bregaglia Engadin
Guided tours
from CHF100.00

1.50 Hours
Available until November 30, 2023

During the summer months we offer weekly guided village tours in Soglio, Vicosoprano and Maloja (Maloja also in winter). 

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Historical site · Bregaglia Engadin
Soglio, pure poetry
Bregaglia Engadin
open today

Arriving in Soglio feels like a dream. Is it the old palazzi, houses and stables from many different ...

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Architecture · Bregaglia Engadin
Lan Müraia
Bregaglia Engadin

At the Castelmur ledge, where once the toll was collected, there are the medieval ruins of the ...

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Guided Tour · Bregaglia Engadin
Palazzo Salis in Soglio: Geführte Tour
9/28, 4:00 PM–5:00 PM
10/5, 4:00 PM–5:00 PM
Pre-registration required
Event Organizer: Bregaglia Engadin Turismo | Source: Bregaglia Engadin Turismo
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What is part of the Bregaglia Engadin region?

Bergell or Val Bregaglia, as it is called in Italian, is a region in the southeastern part of Switzerland, in the canton of Grisons. Surrounded by high mountains, the valley stretches from Maloja to Chiavenna in Italy. Among the most famous places in Bregaglia Engadin are Maloja, Casaccia, Vicosoprano, Stampa and Soglio, picturesquely situated on a sunny terrace. Bregaglia Engadin is known for its spectacular scenery and the numerous cultural and historical sights. Especially in spring, when the valley is free of snow again, Bregaglia Engadin is a paradise destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Now you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery and the peace and seclusion of the region while hiking, biking or mountaineering.

Bregaglia Engadin in spring - a natural paradise for outdoor enthusiasts

In springtime Bregaglia Engadin comes back to life. The mountains are still covered with snow, while the valley is already free of snow and the meadows and trees slowly turn green. The river Maira rushes wildly and the clear air is filled with birdsong. Now you can breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy spectacular views during your trips into nature.

In Bregaglia Engadin you will find an extensive network of 260 km of officially marked hiking trails between 690 and over 3000 meters of altitude. Here you can observe the awakening of nature from high alpine regions to milder areas with a Mediterranean climate. Easy hiking trails follow the course of the valley and are excellent for families. More demanding routes lead into the side valleys, while ambitious hikers are attracted by the high altitude. If necessary, experienced guides will be at your side everywhere.

A classic is the hike on the Via Panoramica, a high-altitude trail on the sunny side of the valley with spectacular views. The cultural and thematic trails allow you to see Bregaglia Engadin through the eyes of the many artists who have been inspired by the region. These include the Castasegna chestnut nature trail, which is particularly exciting in spring when the trees are in bloom and give off their sweet scent. Bregaglia Engadin is also worth a trip for mountain bikers and an unforgettable adventure. MTB trails such as the Gir da Sot Porta circuit from Castasegna pose some challenges to your physical condition, but reward you with unforgettable panoramas. On the way there is always the possibility to stop for a break in a rustic mountain hut.

Discover art and culture in Bregaglia

In Bregaglia, you often feel as if you've walked right into a postcard or a painting. You're in good company: for centuries, Bregaglia has been a rich source of inspiration for painters and writers.

Among the most famous artists from the region are the Giacometti family (especially Alberto Giacometti) and the famous painter Giovanni Segantini. Traces of their work can be found in many places in the Bergell, for example at the Centro Giacometti in Stampa, on the Sentiero Segantini in Maloja or in Soglio, where Segantini painted his piece "Werden - La vita".

Authentic villages with cultural and culinary highlights

In the middle of the beautiful landscape, you will also find picturesque villages with cultural sights and an excellent offer of local specialties in the destination Bregaglia Engadin. Each village has its own character, you can explore them on your own or ask a guide for helpful travel tips. Here you will also find numerous restaurants such as Palazzo Salis, Stüa Granda, La Soglina or Corona. They serve excellent delicacies from the region. Whether located in the valley or on a mountain range, the villages in Bregaglia Engadin are ideal starting points for outdoor activities.

The villages of Bregaglia Engadin

  • Maloja - 1,809 m - the highest village in the municipality of Bregaglia is located on the shore of Lake Sils.
  • Isola - popular excursion place on the southeast shore of Lake Sils.
  • Casaccia - 1,458 m - at the foot of two passes, the Maloja and Septimer passes.
  • Vicosoprano - 1'067 m - here you can admire the impressive Pretorio, the former courthouse.
  • Stampa and Borgonovo - 994 m, here you will find most of the museums, Stampa is the home of the world famous artist family Giacometti.
  • Soglio - 1'080 m - the sunny terrace of the Bergell Engadin with a magnificent view of the Bondasca group.
  • Bondo and Promontogno - 823 m - these two villages enchant with their narrow, winding alleys, and the Pizzo Badile towers above them all
  • Castasegna - 686 m - surprises with a climate more reminiscent of the Mediterranean than of a typical Alpine valley.

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