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With its white sandy beaches, turquoise blue water, ideal places for surfers and divers, it's no wonder that Sardinia is also known as the 'Caribbean of Europe'. The second largest island in the Mediterranean is rich in scenic spots and offers an abundance of recreational activities. While Gallura and Baronia are particularly interesting for mountain bikers, hikers love to explore the so-called giare- plateaus rich in various wildlife and flower species that are actually never too far from major population centers.

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Attractions in Sardinia

The beautiful scenery between land and sea

Sardinia's landscape is enchantingly diverse- and also ideal for active vacationers! On Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) you can find arguably the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. White sand and a turquoise sea leave nothing to be desired for beach lovers, sailors, and divers and the Sardinian way of life and the excellent Mediterranean cuisine help to make every vacation unforgettable.

The secluded mountainous area in the interior of the island is a paradise for hikers and mountain bikers. Follow lonely paths to experience wild nature and the original, traditional Sardinia. Bikers with a high level of fitness will be their element on the steep trails of the Gennargentu mountains, which are almost 2,000 m high. You can discover a lot here also on foot such as spectacular rock faces, narrow gorges, grottos, and caves.

Climbers are often drawn to the impressive white limestone mountains of the Supramonte range. The mountain landscape appears deceptively barren, but an impressive- and now strictly protected- biodiversity has been preserved in the Supramonte. Adventurers linger on the jagged walls of the cliffs, a real hotspot for free climbing.

Spring and autumn are considered the ideal season for sporting activities in Sardinia.

A sustainable destination recognized at a national and European level

Although Sardinia is one of Italy's most popular summer vacation destinations, attracting millions of domestic and international tourists, an interest in sustainable and "slow" tourism that respects nature and local traditions, is becoming increasingly strong in this region. It is no coincidence that in 2016 South Sardinia, particularly the coastal area between Chia and Costa Rei, received an award as "Europe's First Sustainable Destination" for tourism and the environment from the European Commission, beating more than 200 competitors, including a number of other Italian destinations.

The most popular and leisurely way to explore the less touristy Sardinia is by bike, but there is nothing stopping you from traveling it on foot or even on horseback. Those who want to have a unique experience can also choose to ride the train the ancient Trenino Verde, which offers 5 lines and leads through some wonderful landscapes.

Hiking in Sardinia

Excursions in Sardinia are characterized by naturalness and geological diversity. The bays of the central-eastern coast of Sardinia are very popular: the alternation between steep rocky walls and picturesque sandy bays creates a unique setting for tours.

Cycling in Sardinia

Sardinia is an ideal area for cyclists, mountain bikers and racing bike fans almost all year round. The granite landscape of Gallura in the north of the island, the Baronia on the east coast and the holm oak forests of Monte Arcosu near Cagliari are particularly popular areas among mountain bikers.

9 great climbing spots in Sardinia

Sardinia is known as a climber's paradise - especially the steep cliffs in the east of the island offer many beautiful rocks for climbers. This collection contains some tips for particularly beautiful and rewarding climbing areas in Sardinia. Inspiration for your next adventure!

From north to south, there are numerous destinations you can enjoy that far from the crowds. First and foremost are the island's many beautiful beaches, some of which have been awarded the famous "Five Sails" by Legambiente and Tourist Club Italiano as part of the "The Most Beautiful Sea" guide- an award that recognizes beaches for both their environmental quality (e.g., water purity and waste management) and the services on offer. In recent years, Sardinia has consistently emerged as the Italian region with the highest number of beach resorts boasting "Five Sails".

Chia Beach
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Perhaps the most sustainable destination is the island of Asinara in northwestern Sardinia, home to the national park and marine protected area of the same name. It housed for many decades first a hospital and then a maximum-security prison, and as a result, there has been minimal human impact here and the natural environment remains almost entirely unspoiled.

For animal lovers, an excursion to Giara di Gesturi to observe its famous wild horses is always a great trip. 

Destinations in Sardinia