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Linking your Suunto Account

Link your Suunto account and then nothing stands in the way of your adventures. Load your personalized hiking, cycling, or mountaineering route onto your Suunto device and discover the world the way you want to experience it.

Groundbreaking research has been a part of Suunto's DNA since 1936, when Suunto founder Tuomas Vohlonen invented a revolutionary way to make more accurate and reliable compasses. Today Suunto is one of the leading outdoor sports watch brands, equipping runners, hikers, and cyclists all over the world.


Made in Finland, Suunto's outdoor multisport GPS watches, like the Suunto 5 Peak and Suunto 9, can monitor your body functions, guide your training and help you navigate the mountains.


Suunto makes the perfect companion for all Outdooractive users: Find routes or plan them yourself and then let your Suunto watch navigate you. Any adventures that you record with your Suunto can be synchronized with your Outdooractive account.

How do I connect with Suunto?

In order to connect you will first require a Suunto account. This is also needed to transfer shared plans and routes to your devices.


On the website

Go to the settings via the cogwheel symbol on "My Page". Under 'Connections' (on the left of the page) you will find the option to connect to your Suunto account simply by clicking on "Connect". You will then be redirected to Suunto and asked for your Suunto credentials. After successfully logging in you will be redirected back to the settings. You also have the option under 'Connections' to completely disconnect from Suunto.


Import tracks

Once connected, any tracks you record with Suunto are automatically imported into Outdooractive. You will find these tracks in your Outdooractive 'Library' or profile under 'Tracks'.


Transfering your own routes

After connecting, any routes you create in Outdooractive are automatically exported to your Suunto account. These can then be found in your Suunto library under 'Routes'. To sync routes with Suunto that you had already created before connecting your account, simply change the title or description slightly (e.g. add a space between two words) and then save your changes. Note: Spaces at the end of the title will not work!


Transfer routes from others

It is only possible on the web to transfer routes from other users that were found using the Route Finder. To do this, select the "Send to Connected Accounts" option on the route details page (in the 3-dot menu). You will also find the option in the settings to completely disconnect from Suunto.


In the app

First, open the setting via the hamburger menu. Under "Connections" you will find the option to connect to your Suunto account. All further steps correspond to those on the web (see above).



Important to know:

Imported tracks can count towards any Outdooractive Challenges you participate in. If you link several partner accounts with Outdooractive, it can happen that shared content synchronizes and displays multiple times in Outdooractive and/or in your partner account.  To prevent this, please use the correct configuration when connecting in Outdooractive. For example, disable importing recorded tracks from a partner app if it is also linked to Suunto, and importing recorded tracks from Suunto is enabled. 

The activity type is either carried over when syncing or will be set to "Hiking Route" by default. The activity can be changed afterward.

Reasons to connect as a Suunto user

Turn your experiences into a route

Any tracks that you record with your Suunto device are displayed in your Outdooractive profile. You can filter them, edit the tracks, add pictures, and create a detailed, informative route from them which you can then share with your friends or the whole world. 


Find routes for different outdoor sports

Be inspired by route suggestions from other community members and our official partners that include destinations and publishers. Load the GPX tracks onto your Suunto device and discover new routes either locally or further away. After you've tried a route, you can give it a star rating and add a review and images. 


Plan your own routes

Select your activity and plan your trip with just a few clicks either by setting individual waypoints on the map or by entering your trailhead and destination. Critical information, such as duration, distance, and altitude will display automatically. You can then download this plan to your Suunto device before starting out.


Access to the best outdoor maps

You can use the Map Layer Panel when viewing the map to select different styles and filters as well as activity-specific trail networks. Access Outdooractive's vector map, topographic maps for a variety of countries, Alpine Club maps, and much more.

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