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Garmin Connection

Linking your Garmin Connect account

Link your Garmin Connect account and immerse yourself in an amazing world of outdoor sports. Plan your own routes on official trail networks and then transfer them to your Garmin device.

Set out on the path of discovering a world of unforgettable adventures.

Garmin inspires sport, adventure, and lovers of the outdoors with its durable and market-leading smartwatches and handheld devices.  Whether you're on an extreme mountaineering expedition or just a weekend trip, you can be assured of safety on the go- across the world- through a host of navigation and communication features.  

In line with its motto, #BeatYesterday, around 18,000 employees in more than 80 branches in over 30 countries are working today to support people of all fitness levels and age groups to lead a healthy life, exercise more, feel good, and discover new things.

Garmin Connect, Garmin's free platform, gives tens of millions of people the daily means to analyze their training progress, set and track goals, and share their activities with other Garmin Connect users or via social media, making Garmin one of the world's leading players in the outdoor sports.

5 reasons to connect with Garmin

1. Access to the best outdoor maps

You can use the Map Layer Panel when viewing the map to select different styles and filters as well as activity-specific trail networks. Access Outdooractive's vector map, topographic maps for a variety of countries, Alpine Club maps, and much more.


2. Plan your own routes

Select your activity and plan your trip with just a few clicks either by setting individual waypoints on the map or by entering your trailhead and destination. Critical information, such as duration, distance, and altitude will display automatically. You can then download this plan to your Garmin device before starting out.


3. Find routes for different outdoor sports

You can also discover thousands of routes for over 30 sports, including running, hiking, cycling, and ski touring. This content comes from a range of sources including official partners, destinations, and publishers, as well as our community of several million members. Routes you wish to explore in person can also be added to your Garmin device. 


4. Edit and share Garmin tracks

Record your tracks with Garmin and add them to your profile. You can then filter and edit them, convert them into routes and display them on the map as a reminder of all the places you have visited. 


5. Connect with the outdoor community

Create and tailor routes with images, directions, and more from your tracks and share them either privately with your friends or the entire outdoor community. Rate other people's routes and discover amazing places courtesy of our Community of users.

How do I connect with Garmin?

A Garmin Connect account is required for the link. Garmin Connect is also needed in order to transfer shared plans and routes to the devices you use.


On the website

Go to the settings via the cog symbol on "My Page" (top right). you will find the option to connect to your Garmin account under "Connections".

To set up the connection, select "Connect". You will now be redirected to Garmin and asked for your Garmin login details. After successfully logging in, you will be redirected back to settings.

In settings, you can now temporarily interrupt the import of recorded tracks and the transfer of routes. Both options are activated by default. This means that all tracks that you record via Garmin will be automatically imported if there is an active connection. These activities are imported as a track. The activity type is either carried over or will be set to "Hike" by default. The activity can be changed afterward.

Plans and routes that you created while connected can be transferred to Garmin provided you have activated the option to transfer them. This also applies to unpublished plans and routes. You can also transfer external routes to Garmin via the website and in the app, use the "Send to linked accounts" feature for this. Transferred plans and routes appear in the Garmin Connect menu under "Training" - "Courses". There is also the option to completely disconnect from Garmin in your settings. 


In the app

First, open the setting via the hamburger menu. Under "Connections" you will find the option to connect to your Garmin account. All further steps correspond to those on the web (see above).


Important to know!

If you link several partner accounts with Outdooractive, it can happen that shared content synchronizes and displays multiple times in Outdooractive and/or in your partner account. To prevent this, please use the correct configuration when connecting in Outdooractive. For example, deactivate the import of recorded tracks from a partner app if this is also linked to Garmin.

Note that not every Garmin device is able to display routes.

A list of compatible devices can be found here.

Where do I find my Garmin tracks?

Click on your profile in the top right corner and select the "Library" tab. All your tracks, plans and finished routes are saved here for your to filter and sort as you wish.

Where do I find my Garmin tracks?
Photo: Outdooractive Editors

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