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How do I plan "Joint Trips"?

Meet up with your friends on your next trip into the outdoors or look to make new ones.  With Outdooractive's 'Joint Trips' you can experience more together.

Join a Trip

You can find the “Joint Trips” section on the website via the hamburger menu on the top left of the page → Community → “Joint Trips” The routes are clearly displayed on the map so it's easy to decide which trip you want to join. Choose the route that interests you, look at it in detail, and then click on 'Watch' if you want to keep it in mind, or if you're ready to join select 'I want to join'. The organizer will then be notified and can confirm your participation.

Invite others on a trip

If there is no suitable trip for you or you prefer to organize your own trip, then you can click on 'Create joint trip' to go directly to the creation screen. Here you can first decide if you want to do the trip with invited persons only (private) or if it will be published on Outdooractive and everybody is allowed to take part in the trip with your permission (public).

Then design your trip and invitation. The same applies here as in the Route Planner: The more fields you fill in, the more attractive the trip will be for others. Invite participants via their username or email address (they don't have to be community members). Click on 'Save' and your invitations will be sent.

Create a Joint Trip in the app

Find a route that you would like to follow as part of a Joint Trip. Press the 3 dots 'More' button at the bottom of the screen and select Joint Trip.

Select 'Everyone' to make it public, or select 'Only Those Invited'. You can set a duration and a name. Fill in the time/date and meeting place.

Press on 'Participants' to invite people - you can start typing their name and select the correct person. When you have invited everyone, press the back arrow in the top left.

You can add information about Activity and Difficulty - you can also add your contact details.

Press save and the people you invited will receive an email (and a push notification if they have these switched on).

You can access your Joint Trips on My Page. Scroll down to the Community Section to access, update and cancel the trip.

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