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A Challenge is a mini-community with a common goal where we track progress towards that goal. Challenges are grouped into categories like Hiking, Cycling & Mountaineering to help our community members find the activity that they enjoy the most. Challenges are based on personal goals, so it is not about being the first person to finish, it is the participation and enjoyment that is important.


Outdooractive Challenges - Climb higher, go further, and reach your personal goals
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How Challenges work

Challenges are based on categories such as Hiking, Running, Cycling, Mountaineering, etc. They focus on distance, elevation, time, number of activities completed, or even specific goals such as climbing certain mountains. 

Community members complete the challenge by recording tracks in the app. The distance, height, etc. of all valid tracks within the Challenge time period is calculated to give the users challenge progress. The track doesn't need to be public. The activities which are populating to a challenge are listed on the challenge detail page - so check out which activity you need to record to have a valid track for it!

How do I join a Challenge?

You can join a Challenge on the web or in the app. On the web you will see the link for Challenges on: My Page > Community > Challenges. From there you can sign up for the challenge(s) you like. In the app, just go to the My Page screen, press on the Challenges button and sign up there.

You will see the challenges you have joined in one list. We will also recommend challenges based on your favorite activities!

Get your badge!

Some Challenges may be sponsored by partners of Outdooractive and on some occassions, prizes will be awarded for participating. Outdooractive Challenges are always about taking part, they are not about being first.

When you achieve a challenge goal, your rewarded badge will be displayed on your profile - so start now and take part on your favorite Challenge!

Leaderboard: How do I check my progress?

Keep track of your progress and others on the Leaderboard. We show your progress, how others around you are progressing, and you can also view the full leaderboard. We make it easy to see how far you have gone and how much is left to do,.

All this information is accessed in the main details page of each individual Challenge.

Good to know

Can I enter more than one Challenge? 

Yes! There is no limit to the number of Challenges you can enter at one time. 

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